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Improve sales through AR for e-commerce.

Studies show that customers who interact with a product in AR are 30% more likely to purchase the product and 25% less likely to return a product. SeekView allows a consumer to visualize a product in their life before they buy it.

The SeekView smart link enables AR on iOS and Android, and provides a 3D view on desktop browsers. From one link, as demonstrated by the Nike High Tops, SeekView delivers the best experience depending on the device you are using. Try it on desktop and mobile.

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Nike High Top Shoes look great in AR. Click to try our cross-platform web-based AR product viewer

Nike High Tops

Uploading to Seek automatically converts your 3d models into all the standard formats.

The Changing AR Landscape

USDZ is Apple's recently launched AR file format. This format allows users to view 3D content anchored in the real world on iOS. Unfortunately, this left big gaps with Android and desktop browsers, neither of which supports this format.

There are new AR formats and technologies releasing almost on a monthly basis. Seek helps you stay in front of these changes and ensures your content is viewed in the best way possible. SeekView is the only way to view AR content directly on a website on Android.

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Differentiate your product journey through web AR.

Until now, AR technology only worked in apps. Many companies invested in these apps because of the increased conversion associated with AR. However, brands typically see less than 10% of their traffic through dedicated apps. The other 90% is missing out on shopping in AR.

SeekView brings all of the benefits of AR to your entire audience in a seamless shopping experience directly on your website.

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The most advanced cross-platform solution for web-based AR

Android, iOS, desktop, iPad, tablets, Safari... it doesn't matter, Seek supports them all! Your files are automatically converted to work with whatever device a user may have. SeekView ensures that your content is always up to date with the newest technology.

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If you already have 3D models, let's get started.

If not, Seek can turn your product into a realistic 3D model. Using industry leading 3D scanners and modeling, Seek will create a digital version of your product then send you a link to embed the model on your site. This can even be done from a product image.

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3d model creation as a service.