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In September, iPhone users will be able to view Augmented Reality (AR) content on your website.

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Increase Your Sales by Using the Latest in Mobile AR Technology

AR content can now be embedded on your website. With SeekViewTM, AR is enabled without an app.

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Seek Makes Your Content Work EVERYWHERE

Android, iOS, desktop, iPad, tablets, Safari... it doesn't matter, Seek supports them all! Your files are automatically converted to work with whatever device a user may have. As more AR tech becomes available SeekView ensures that your content supports the new features.

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Differentiate your product journey.

Use SeekViewTM to let your customers view your products in their environment. Research shows that increased engagement leads to increased sales. Driven by Apple's latest innovation, AR is now considered mainstream.

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What is USDZ?

USDZ is Apple's new AR file format. USDZ allows users to view 3D content anchored in the real world. Now you can directly embed 3D models on your website, in a text message, or in an email. This is the first step to bringing the retail experience online. This feature will launch with iOS 12. Click here to learn more about USDZ.

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If you already have 3D models, let's get started.

If not, seek can turn your product into a realistic 3D model. Using industry leading 3D scanners, Seek will create a digital version of your product then send you a link to embed the model on your site.

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